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50-50-50 Starts in Cancun

By 2050 there will be 9 billion people on the globe, by 50% more than today. To that date, the UN is also aiming at reducing carbon-equivalent emissions by 50%. United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, named this morally binding target the 50-50-50.

This is going to start in Cancun as one of the strongest statements made this year in relation to carbon emissions reduction. Naturally, it is not a legally binding target, warns the Secretary General, but a global call for support. ‘”We need support from all of you and not only from governments: indigenous communities and civil society; challenge your leaders and I will always stay and stand behind you!”, was Ban’s acclaimed finale.

Un Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, in a panel at the COP16 in Cancun Mexico. Photo: 2C

Ban Ki Moon reminded the audience that almost two years ago the UN had started a all encompassing program that shall look upon the Earth’s economic safety. Global Pulse, “a barometer of health for the world’s economy is a very effective all-in-one system.” The new barometer will herein check economies hour by hour just as a patient is being checked by her or his doctor, as the globe must not elapse once more into economic crisis.

These days, you cannot think of anything without starting with the topic of climate change. Poverty, food security, energy security, water and nutrition security, and even now peace and security. The impact of climate change has been working as a source of conflict and if not properly addressed can develop into a much bigger crisis. We have to link all these parts for the security and address them comprehensively.

Our target until 2050 is how we can make sustainable world, development. By 2050 you should expect that we will have 9 billion people, that means 50% increase in population, by that time we will have to reduce mandatorily 50% of greenhouse gas emissions. That is the 50-50-50 challenge that we have to address and that we have to start from now, from Cancun. I think we can do it.

We need the support from you, and not only the governments! Indigenous communities and civil communities as well. We have to establish this trilateral pillar. Then I think we can do it.

Climate change and impact of climate change might be a source of conflict, the high official warned. Hence, issues must be looked at in a comprehensive manner: water scarcity, food crisis, wars and conflicts will be dealt with after due monitoring and correct prescription.

Even though COP16 in Cancun is not bringing forth a legally binding agreement between the parties, there has been great progress registered in four areas: financial support to stop deforestation, progress on adaptation, technology dissemination, and mostly, Fast Start Financial Support and financing in general.

The $ 30 billion financing by 2012 is reachable, according to Ban. Nonetheless, a long term financial support aims at providing $ 100 billion by 2020. “There are variable options to achieve this, it is a great challenge, but it is feasible”

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