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Poland backs coal industry

Poland will continue to back coal and invest in the coal-mining industry, Polish prime minister Donald Tusk declared in the long wake of climate talks in Warsaw this November. His government has no intention of phasing out coal burning plants nor to expand green energy projects.

“Poland’s economy will continue to be based on coal, but in a more modern way,” he affirmed, adding that Warsaw would reduce CO2 emissions, in line with EU targets, with the aid of new technology.donald_tusk

The country has recently been investing in exploring its shale gas potential. A nuclear power plant has also been in the pipeline, partly as a means of lowering Poland’s dependence on Russian gas.

While the future of nuclear power plant is unclear, Tusk said that coal and shale gas are top of the power agenda.

“The future of Polish energy is in brown and black coal, as well as shale gas,” he underlined.

“Some wanted coal to be dispensed with, but energy independence requires not only the diversification of energy resources, but also the maximum use of one’s own resources,” he said.

At present, coal produces over 90 percent of the country’s electricity, and the industry employs over 100,000 people.

Source: PAP

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