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Lithuanians Oppose Nuclear Plant Construction

Outskirts. Photo: Berta Upe Tilmantaite

Lithuanians oppose construction of a new nuclear plant, as results of the first ever referendum of the kind in Eastern Europe. 62.7 percent voted “No”, while 33.96 percent were in favor of the construction.

The turnout was just over 51 percent, thus validating a referendum that requires a quorum of 50 percent.

The referendum was however consultative, so the Lithuanian government will not be held to give the plan up unless people’s will has a say in today’s business lead governance. The vote was concomitant with the parliamentary election that will most probably cede power to a grand left-ish coalition.

The current government supported the nuclear project invoking the country’s dependence on imports of Russian energy. Many groups have loudly opposed the construction of the nuclear plant and their determination laid the ground for the referendum itself.

Plant construction would have been awarded to the American – Japanese joint venture Hitachi – GE Nuclear Energy. All three Baltic states, that is Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, respectively, would chip public money in the construction of the nuclear plant.

The cost of the plant raises to Eur 6.8 billion.


Similar projects are about to be adopted in Poland and Romania, however authorities do not consider any referendums.

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