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Bullshitting Climate Change

Starting Copenhagen 2009, abbreviations and acronyms became a source of turmoil amongst participants at the international climate talks. Indeed, UNFCCC communication often goes beyond ridiculous as it abuses dozens of acronyms, whilst apparently all the effort is to keep the climate treaty in a stalemate.

“In order to close a FAB deal at the COP/CMP, with a max. 2C increase within the 50-50-50 target and the post-MDGs, UNFCCC needs to consider GHGs measured in CO2 Eq. sourcing from ILUC in the REDD+ framework and LULUCF, as well as to respect AOSIS grievances and their PAMs described in the NAPAs, as supported by LDCFs.” started over its publicity via attacking and criticizing the diplomatic mumbo-jumbo  and apparent use of technicalities in matters that need an all-encompassing global solidarity and will to change. Good luck in translating and adapting!

Bullshitting Climate Change from 2Celsius Network on Vimeo.

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